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Project Evolution

Project Evolution is a process based on the archetype of the Tree of Life, present in almost all the mythologies of the world and related to the Sacred Tree symbol of our power of creation. In this seminar, through exercises inspired by ancient shamanic traditions, we will get in contact with the basic energies of creation and manifestation.
This workshop is an invitation to ground ourselves, accept what is present (lights and shadows, fears and joys), and find within us the creative potential.

Frau sitzend in Hängematte vor Felsenlandschaft

Through the Tree of Life, we ​​can experience (Vivenciar) different aspects of our life and identify what we have to let go and what we can strengthen to have a full and fruitful life.

The tree of life is a powerful metaphor that includes:

Roots: shadow the affective support of our existence

Trunk: represents our genetic potentials and the axis to grow solidly. It’s the way we fear growing from the seed state looking for the sun,

Branches and leaves: they symbolize the different paths and decisions we make in our existence

Flowers: our flowering helps us identify our inhibitions and all the emotional resistance that prevents us from expressing our beauty

Fruits: symbolizes our legacy to life

The invitation is to come in contact with your deep purpose and understand what does it mean to be connected with your creative potential. Through discovering how powerful we can be, we strengthen the ability to manifest our highest life potential. We will also discover the potential we have when we open our love center (the heart) and say YES to manifesting our dreams.

Myriam Sofia Lopez

Myriam Sofia is certified professor with more than 30 years of experience and directly taught by Rolando Toro Araneda and since then she has dedicated herself to training in Biodanza, being the pioneer of this methodology in Colombia and advising the creation of schools in other countries. She has been invited to share her experience and knowledge in many countries such as: Spain, England, Germany, Israel, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Chile and Argentina

She is authorized by IBF to deliver extensions in

  • Biodanza and Neo Shamanism
  • Clinical Biodanza
  • Minotaur Project
  • Identity and four elements
  • Aquatic biodanza
  • Wishing tree
  • Project Evolution

More info about Myriam Sofia

  • Physiotherapist University of Rosario.
  • Master of Health Management University of Javeriana.
  • Specialist for Project Minotaur
  • NLP Practitioner trained directly by John Grinder
  • she was taught in more than 20 different Biodanza schools around the world including the schools in San Francisco (USA), Dublin (Irland), Edimburg (Scotland), Bristol (UK), Israel.

29. May 2020
Times: Friday 19:00 till 22:00

Life Artists-Creators HUB
Milastr. 4
10437 Berlin

30. and 31. May 2020
Times: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 till 18:30

DOCK 11  – Saal 2
Kastanienallee 79
10453 Berlin