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The Alchemy of the 4 Elements

The alchemy of the 4 Elements is a proposal of identity integration that has as its basis the “vivencias” induced by the dances of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, as a recognition that each element represents psychological characteristics connected with the deepest of the deepest of our archetypal reality. 

It’s a process of embodying the elements through dances and ceremonies. By dancing we can recover the brotherhood with the rivers and the oceans, the intensity and the effervescence of the fire, assuming us a fruitful and material earth and also recognizing us as beings dressed with wings of infinity. Its an invitation for the reintegration of the human being in his fundamental dignity.

As microcosms we carry within the memory of the cosmos and the destiny of the planet. Facing this culture of repression and divorce with nature, we urgently need to update these cosmic forces in us in order to reach a meaningful life, both as individuals and as species

“Alchemy represents the projection in the laboratory of a drama both cosmic and psychological. ” C.G.Jung

Alchemical transmutation manifests through the vivencias centred in the elements that archetypically constitute the PsicoExistential structure of Humans. This “New Alchemy” is mostly inspired in me by the contributions of C. G. Jung. G. Bachelard, and Maria Flavia Monsaraz who in my perspective have rescued the archetypal images of the alchemical process deeply rooted in the memory of modern culture. Each dance and ceremonie of The 4 Elements give a bodily structural dimension to the transmutation process from within

Let´s Dance

Life Artists-Creators HUB
Milastr. 4
10437 Berlin

21st to 22nd September 2019
Times: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 till 18:30

Instructor: Cristiano C. Martins

comes from Portugal and lives in Lisbon. He graduated in Clinical Psychology and Education and works in theater groups with children and adults, he is Biodanza Teacher and Instructor (SRT).